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Towing Experience: When A CTS-V Coupe Has A Blow Out

This is the tale of my experience with the Cadillac CTS-V Coupe and having a blowout during that time. I assure you it’s entertaining if it isn’t you that is living it.

My fiancée and I were just leaving home in the CTS-V Coupe, off to see some friends, when a large pothole on an onramp blew out the front passenger side tire. Immediately after hitting the pothole I realized the tire blew out and pulled over. At this point I didn’t realize how bad a situation this really was going to become. Read More…

Fail – Epic How Not To Tow A Car Out Of The Snow (NSFW)

For those that live in the snow belt states, we’ve all been there. Heck we are living it now! Stuck in the snow somewhere and needing a tow. Well this unlucky driver gets more help than he needed. With our total annual snow fall already on the ground here in Minneapolis, this video seems appropriate.