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Off Road Ford Mustang Fail?

We’ve seen the Chevrolet Corvette fail last April, and that was a sight to behold. We now bring you this Ford Mustang fail. My friend Neal, that lives in Iowa spotted this hot piece of metal sitting outside where else, a Sportsman’s Warehouse in Ankeny, IA. The store apparently sells everything you would need for hunting and other outdoor activities (wonder if there is a gun rack in the trunk). Clearly this Mustang has custom bumpers along with a large lift kit. The hood might be from a Boss, while the rear mud flaps are clearly meant for a F350 dually. The straight pipes coming out the back I am sure pass emissions. One has to wonder, do they take this thing mudding or in the fields? Regardless, if you happen to be near Des Moines, IA anytime soon, keep your eyes peeled for this hot piece of Mustang. The owner may even let you check its undercarriage.

*UPDATED* License Plate Fail – Confused Mazda5

My friend was recently traveling in Iowa and stumbled upon this very confused Mazda5.  You see apparently the owner thinks it is a Mazda6.  Maybe the owner just wishes it was a Mazda6.  I am not quite sure the reasoning behind this but I thought it was a picture worth sharing.

Update- Someone reminded me that in Iowa the license plate stays with the owner not the vehicle.  Somehow I forgot this minor detail even though I attended college in Iowa.  Regardless this is just silly and now the person who most likely owned a Mazda6 before this Mazda5 now has a goofy license plate.