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Off-Road 1971 Ford Mustang: Gee That Looks Familiar

My buddy Bob found this *ahem* clearly modified 1971 Ford Mustang on eBay. I’m going to dump this into the, gee that looks familiar category.

Back in November of last year my buddy spotted a nearly identical car. I posted about it calling it a fail. Since that time my outlook on certain things has changed, and this is clearly a win.

Since November, it seems she has lost the bright orange paint, and looks to be sporting new exhaust tips. The seller does describe the modifications in the listing.

He says the only bad thing on the beast is a new headliner needs to be installed, which he has a new one for you. Oh, and the stereo has been removed. You’ll have to bring your headphones with you if you want to listen to Highway to Hell as you go tearin up the streets in this bad boy.

The starting bid is $10k, and apparently no one wants this fine piece of amazing.


Fail – Epic How Not To Tow A Car Out Of The Snow (NSFW)

For those that live in the snow belt states, we’ve all been there. Heck we are living it now! Stuck in the snow somewhere and needing a tow. Well this unlucky driver gets more help than he needed. With our total annual snow fall already on the ground here in Minneapolis, this video seems appropriate.


Fail – Introducing The GM Escalado

Spotted by none other than the great Mark Boyadjis in Columbia Heights, MN, this mid 90’s Chevrolet Silverado has a second generation Cadillac Escalade front clip grafted onto it. Paint is for suckers. Either the front clip is still just primed and not painted, or else the front clip is black and the donor truck is white. Either way it is hideous. For the awesome blend between luxury and redneck, the GM Escalado is the only way to go.

Thanks for the tip Mark.

Fail – Mercedes Branded Dodge Dakota Cold Weather Testing

Drew over at Cheers and Gears has been talking about a rumored Mercedes branded Dodge Dakota undergoing cold weather testing near him. He was finally able to snap a pic of this huge piece of fail. I must say, it’s worse than I imagined.

[Cheers and Gears]

Fail – Mercedes-Benz 190E Converted Into A Crossover SUV

In Russia, we make SUV out of car! No, seriously, someone in Russia has decided to take this innocent Mercedes-Benz 190E and convert it into a SUV?

You might be saying to yourself: gee that 190E looks awfully short. Well that is because the owner chopped the rear end and then raised the ride height. That was just for starters.

One the vehicle was done being chopped and raised, fake bull bars made out of what appears to be PVC piping, were fitted around the vehicle. You know, for protection.

Once the “protection” was in place, it appears that the off-roader was painted in Rhino Liner? It is described as a “stealth paint job,” whatever that means.

Finishing off this piece of awesome is the rear mounted spare tire and headlight guards.

The vehicle is apparently dubbed the “E90.”

So you decide, is this a piece of awesome, or some horrible project gone wrong.

[Auto Motto]

Chevrolet Lumina MPV Fail

Hey remember the dustbuster vans? Whether they have aged gracefully or not is debatable, but this is one classy example in what can only be described as ‘mint condition.’ What with upgrades such as a window air conditioner for those extra hot days, and the sweet Ford Mustang wheels, this Chevrolet Lumina MPV is ready to hit the road. Oh, and when you are traveling across the U.S. with the window air conditioner blasting and feel the need to talk with the trucker ahead, the side mounted CB radio antenna will come in handy. Here’s to hoping this family has a terrific family road trip this holiday season.

Source- Twitter

Off Road Ford Mustang Fail?

We’ve seen the Chevrolet Corvette fail last April, and that was a sight to behold. We now bring you this Ford Mustang fail. My friend Neal, that lives in Iowa spotted this hot piece of metal sitting outside where else, a Sportsman’s Warehouse in Ankeny, IA. The store apparently sells everything you would need for hunting and other outdoor activities (wonder if there is a gun rack in the trunk). Clearly this Mustang has custom bumpers along with a large lift kit. The hood might be from a Boss, while the rear mud flaps are clearly meant for a F350 dually. The straight pipes coming out the back I am sure pass emissions. One has to wonder, do they take this thing mudding or in the fields? Regardless, if you happen to be near Des Moines, IA anytime soon, keep your eyes peeled for this hot piece of Mustang. The owner may even let you check its undercarriage.

Honda CRX – The Fast And The Furious Fail Edition

I really hope you were sitting down when you first viewed the above picture. The horror…. The Honda CRX is a highly coveted piece of Honda history. The enthusiasts around this model are loyal to the end of the earth. Many CRX’s have been either heavily modified or are rusting apart. When you find a really nice one it brings tears to the enthusiasts eyes. This fine piece of fail was spotted by myself in Dinky Town in Minneapolis. I almost cried. From the horrific paint job (by a kid with a paintbrush?!) to the wicked awesome wing! Oh don’t forget those super cool exhaust cans…. *sigh* I’m going to go cry in the corner now. Call me for dinner.

Biggest BMW err Mustang um Fail Ever

I’m literally speeechless….Not even sure how to approach this.  It’s a BMW 5 Series in the front and Mustang in the back?  This is not like business in the front and party in back people.  This is almost a serious offense.  He should be given a ticket for doing such a thing.

Source- SpeedSportLife

Chevrolet Venture Exhaust Fail

Yes, that is dual exhaust pipes sticking out the back of this Chevrolet Venture.  Yup…..Sadly I was not around when this beast was started as I would have loved to record the exhaust note.