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Travis Pastrana Copies Ken Block’s Formula: Hot Chicks + Cool Car = Views

Travis Pastrana has just revealed his new 2011 rally car livery in the best possible way, by spoofing Ken Block’s viral videos. Ken Block’s formula is typically hot chicks + cool car = views. Pastrana took it one step further, “hot” old chicks + cool cars + ripping on competition = views.

Couple of things that take the video to the level of awesome:

  • Pastrana mentions how it’s going to be amazing when he beats Ken at the X Games again
  • Pastrana notes that his new DC Team gear will be available after Ken’s, since Ken’s the boss
  • Pastrana points out that his schedule is busier than Ken’s
  • Old chicks dancing in skimpy clothes

Whether or not you follow the X Games, it is likely that you’ll find this video hilarious.



Get Ready Minneapolis, Fiat Is Coming To Town

Luther Automotive group announced today that it will be the exclusive dealer for Fiat in the state of Minnesota. The first dealership will be located in Brooklyn Park and will open its doors in April.

In other news, you will soon be able to purchase a Fiat 500 in Minnesota. The two nice looking ladies in the above picture are not an available option.

Soon after the launch of the 500, we will see Fiat bring the Cabriolet and hi-strung Abarth versions to our nice country. An EV 500 is also in the cards for the near future.

Should MINI be scared? That is yet to be determined, but the Abarth version should be a hot little number.


The High Mileage Club, Like The Mile High Club…But Not Really

You have all heard about the mile high club right?  Well how about the high mileage club?  No?  Well if you own a Dodge Ram truck with the Cummins diesel and have just broken that baby in (over 100,000 miles) then you are part of the club!  Well not really, you need to sign up for the club.  But, once you sign up for the club, you are part of the club!  What does the club get you?  Well you get a nifty grille badge to show off proudly ($4.95 for shipping and handling of course)!  So vastly different then the mile high club but possibly still as note worthy to some.  Head here for all the details and to apply (if you meet the requirements of course).

Source- Cummins

The Stig Visits Imola Motorsports

Some kids grow up thinking Superman and Batman are the superheroes. Kids that are obsessed with automotive industry consider characters like the Stig from Top Gear as the new age super hero. Oh heck, I even consider him a super hero, kind of.

While the Stig normally resides in Europe, recently we learned the new Top Gear USA will indeed have a Stig. On Wednesday a Stig dropped by Imola Motorsports here in Minneapolis to schedule an oil change. Yes, he dropped by to schedule an oil change. You know, because if he changed his own oil he might get that pretty white track suite dirty.

We can naturally assume this is not the Stig, it still reeks of awesome. So on this frosty Friday morning the question needs to be asked, where have you seen the Stig lately? Oh and good citizens of Minneapolis, keep your eyes peeled for this white suited fella.

Video – 2011 Dodge Charger Pursuit: Production Rear End Fully Revealed

Someone at the recent police fleet expo took a little video of the new 2011 Dodge Charger Pursuit.  This is the police version of the upcoming 2011 Dodge Charger.  While we have already seen the front and plenty of spy shots, we have yet to see the rear end look confirmed.  Well…wait till the end of this one minute video and you’ll see the production rear end.

Source- YouTube via Allpar

Ford Ranger Plant in Minnesota Still Set to Close

We have all heard from sometime that the Ford Ranger plant here in Minnesota is going to close.  Some wondered if the recent tax breaks that went into effect in April would keep the plant open.  The Detroit News reported yesterday that Ford officials met with Governor Tim Pawlenty to discuss the future of the St. Paul plant.  The plant only builds the Ranger which has been slated for death for quite some time now.  With the F150 continuing to get more and more fuel efficient, the Ranger’s role is becoming less necessary.  Despite meeting with the Governor and the recent tax breaks, Ford continues to say they plan to shutter the plant.  The date of closing has not been given though neither has the death date of the Ranger.  I am betting those two dates will be somewhat close to each other when revealed in the future.  It has been said numerous times that the new larger Ranger that will be sold around the world will not be sold in North America.

Source- The Detroit News

REVEALED – 2011 Dodge Charger Pursuit

Not content to let Ford and Chevrolet take the Police departments over fully Dodge has revealed the upcoming Police Pursuit vehicle.  This is the 2011 Dodge Charger in all it’s glory.  In fact this is the first official picture released by Chrysler of the 2011 Dodge Charger.  Details are still flowing in but you can bet the pursuit vehicle will feature both the new Pentastar V6 (that just launched recently in the new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee) and the Hemi V8 with MDS.  Rear wheel drive will of course be the drive train set up and it is still murky as to the transmission choice, though I would assume the current 5 speed automatic will be in the police Pursuit vehicles.  Oh by the way, they finally got around to adding a column mounted shifter for the police package thus freeing up some space between the seats for other equipment.  Also inside the Pursuit vehicle they are touting red and white LED interior lighting which is for night-vision equipment and more.

Source- Chrysler

Confirmed – 2011 Dodge Durango is a Durango

So Dodge has finally launched the new upcoming 2011 Durango replacement website.  Guess what?! Turns out the Durango replacement will be in fact another Durango!  That’s right folks.  The rumors of the name changing to Magnum were apparently wrong.  They have put up three full teaser pics which between these and the spy shots we can pretty much tell what the new Durango will look like. Remember this based off of the new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee with a slight stretch.  Powertrain will be the same as the 2011 Grand Cherokee.  Check out the full teaser site here.

Source- Dodge

Ford Future Products Table

Some of this was known (ok most of this we knew), but here it is in a nice handy little table.  You are looking at Ford’s plans through 2013.  As you can see pretty much almost everything will be refreshed or new.

Source- Twitter

SPOTTED – Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine!

That is right folks!  Over the weekend I spotted The Mystery  Machine right here in Minnesota.  While Scooby Doo and the crew were no where to be seen the woman and child inside the van seemed to enjoy the attention.  Funny because I spotted them again later  in the afternoon on the highway.  Oh one last thing, I am no expert but I am fairly certain The Mystery Machine was not a Dodge….