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Biggest BMW err Mustang um Fail Ever

I’m literally speeechless….Not even sure how to approach this.  It’s a BMW 5 Series in the front and Mustang in the back?  This is not like business in the front and party in back people.  This is almost a serious offense.  He should be given a ticket for doing such a thing.

Source- SpeedSportLife

Chevrolet Venture Exhaust Fail

Yes, that is dual exhaust pipes sticking out the back of this Chevrolet Venture.  Yup…..Sadly I was not around when this beast was started as I would have loved to record the exhaust note.

Video – Porsche 911 Sport Classic: The Ducktail I Want

Remember when you were a kid and your parents told you money doesn’t buy happiness?  They lied!  They didn’t mean to lie but they did.  You see Porsche is building a mere 250 911 Sport Classic’s priced at an eye watering $255,600!  You see this car is a emotional purchase not a reasonably thought out purchase.  You can buy a lot of car for that kind of cash but this, this is the Sport Classic.  An extra 23 horsepower over a stock 911 and that amazing duck tail spoiler.  They also throw in carbon ceramic brakes but that color….that color with the two tone racing stripes just finishes it off with the black wheels and the duck tail.  Watch the video and listen to that exhaust note and the engine wind up.  Just heavenly.  Yes folks money may not actually buy happiness but it can buy things that make you happy and isn’t that darn close?

CUV’s – Perception vs. Reality

Recently, I had a conversation with a baby boomer about her vehicle.  She drives a Honda CR-V and tells me she likes it.  It came up during the conversation that she thought her CR-V was a truck.  I started asking questions and digging into why she might think this.  Apparently, it has to do with the raised ride height, all-wheel drive, and overall vehicle appearance.  I then, as gently as I could, informed her that her “truck” was not really a truck, rather it was what many refer to as a CUV.  CUV stands for crossover utility vehicle and these are not “trucks” in the traditional sense.

When SUV’s first came onto the market, they were little more then short trucks with four doors.  They have since evolved, but many people in the general public see current CUV’S and traditional SUV’s as the same.  A CUV isn’t like a normal SUV in many ways – starting with the fact that they aren’t body on frame vehicles.  They are unibody and essentially based off car platforms.  They aren’t designed for the same capabilities as a traditional SUV.  The aforementioned baby boomer from earlier was shocked to learn that her CR-V is based off a car.

CUV’s still have all-wheel drive, but most do not have off-road capabilities or even a low range like a traditional four-wheel drive. However, there are some that have locking differentials for deeper snow and sticky situations.  Interestingly enough, many CUV’s are more capable then most consumers will ever need.  With all that said, towing capacities are much lower then that of a typical SUV.  The current Ford Explorer is a typical SUV, being body on frame.  That will all be changing though with the new version that is set to go on sale at the end of this year/beginning of next year.  The next generation Explorer went more mainstream, being unibody.  This trend is continuing to expand among other SUV’s, including the next-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee (though the Grand Cherokee has always been unibody).  The 2011 Grand Cherokee will also be unibody, though it will still retain hard core off -road capabilities in certain trim levels.

What this all boils down to is perception.  People seem to want an “SUV”, but they do not want the many things associated with them.  That list includes, but isn’t limited to, poor gas mileage, rough ride, sloppy handling and many other things.  There are things people still want though – like increased ride height and the idea of off road capabilities.  So what does this mean?  It means that people want some characteristics of the SUV and not others – and that poses a challenge to marketers.

Super Hero’s Stop for Children?

So couple of thoughts on this.  One, super hero’s stop for children.  Two, this van is somewhat creepy.  Three, this van makes frequent stops and they are usually for children.

Massive Pile of Chevrolet Venture Fail

I know I know, but seriously when I laid eyes on it my heart told me I must share this with the world on the interwebz. This lovely piece of fail was spotted outside the local Macaroni Grill. In fact after taking pictures I saw it later on the highway. It is as if the fail itself is stalking me. As if having the front of a PT Cruiser and the rest of a Chevrolet Venture was not bad enough, someone decided to give it a stretch! Just horrid. By the way, up close the fit an finish on that front end…yea not so much. Where do people come up with these ideas? Seriously…

Up For Grabs – Kevin Tan of Imola Motorsports BMW M5

That is correct!  The owner of the infamous Imola Motorsports is selling the vehicle that brings us all such joy when it pulls into Cars & Café with doughnut holes each and every month.  The vehicle is Kevin’s personal 2006 BMW M5.  This is the car I always seem to be taking pictures of and tweeting about for your viewing pleasure.  I have personally had a ride in this car and it is just terrific.  The exhaust system sounds heavenly.

Below are some details.

  • Exterior- Interlagos Blue
  • Interior: Black
  • Approx 38,800 miles
  • SMG transmission
  • Alcantara Roof
  • Heated seats
  • Edmunds Certified used car value $49,284
  • Asking $49,000 with ALL the modifications listed

All service completed either at BMW Motorwerks or Imola Motorsports.
transferrable CPO warranty through BMW

Factory Options:

  • 322 Comfort Accesso – $1,000
  • Smart card / smart key automatic, includes central locking and includes ignition starter
  • 416 Rear Electric Sunshadeo – $575
  • Side manual blind; Rear electric blind
  • 453 Seat Ventilationo – $800
  • Driver and passenger ventilated seat; Requires: [X2xx] Full Leather w/ Alcantara Roofliner And [4MA] M Multifunction Seats w/ Active Width
  • 465 Fold Down Rear Seatso – $475
  • Rear seat center armrest with ski bag; Asymmetrical front facing rear seats
  • 4MA M Multifunction Seats w/ Active Widtho – $1,900
  • Active backrest width adjustment
610 Head-up Displayo – $1,000
  • Dashboard with head-up display
655 SIRIUS Satellite Radio – $595
  • Audio system with satellite
X3xx Full Leather w/ Alcantara Rooflinero – $3,500
  • Leather seat upholstery with additional leather; Luxury trim leather on dashboard; Leather handbrake; Excludes: [X2xx] Full Leather w/ Alcantara Roofliner
BMW IPOD Integration kit – $550



  • Eisenhauso Meisterschaft GT with Carbon tips ($2200)

Wheels & tires:

  • Radenergie 20×9 Fronts ($1400 each)
  • Toyo T1-R 255/35-20
  • Radenergie 20×10.5 Rears ($1800 each)
  • Toyo T1-R 285/30-20


  • Eibach Springs


  • Full LED interior ($100)
  • Factory European headlights with clear corners ($1450)
  • Euro Angel Eyes ($249)


  • Vorsteiner Carbon splitters ($600)
  • Vorsteiner Replica hood ($1200)
  • Painted Hartge rear diffuser included
  • Painted rear windshield spoiler included
  • BMW Carbon Emblems
  • Black front grills
  • Black side grills
  • Front Clear Bra

Tell your friends and empty your piggy banks kids.  This is one sweet ride.  If you are interested sound off in the comments and I will see if I can’t swing you a super deal.  I already checked and my piggy bank and find myself a little short. Otherwise I would consider this fine piece of V10 beast for my garage possibly.

Greatest Tesla Roadster License Plate Ever?

Possibly one of the greatest license plates seen on a Tesla Roadster.  One has to wonder if this is a customer car or if the car is owned by Tesla.  Either way it is hilarious.

Source- Automopedia

Are You Jack Baruth’s New Ride?

Mirko Reinhardt found this lime green Dancia Sandero.  This looks quite similar to the unique color of Porsche lime green found on Jack Baruth’s Audi S5.  The question instantly turns to is this Jack Baruth‘s new ride none of us know about?

My House, If I Won The Lottery

Kamil posted this to my Facebook profile stating that this would be my house if I won the lottery.  I found it funny enough to share with all of you.  Essentially it appears to be a house/garage full of Nissan 300ZX’s.