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Why I Need This Awesome Bed: Feder Feder Edition

This bed is awesome. See, there really isn’t much more to say than that. Featuring the front end of a Mitsubishi Evolution and some ridiculous camber on the wheels, it’s just waiting to take your dreams for a ride around the Nurburgring.

I asked Karen is we could get a bed like this and the answer was quickly no. How shocked are you really?

If this was my bed, I would definitely install a CB Radio so I could talk to other car beds, or random truckers when I couldn’t sleep.

Hopefully someday I can have a bed like this for my son. Until then, a guy can dream.

[StanceWorks via Mayday Garage]

Spotted: The Honda Civic Del Sol That Desperately Wants To Be A Supra

I was over my fiancées office in New Brighton, Minnesota when I spotted this hideous Honda Del Sol.

Clearly wanting to desperately be a Supra, the owner has grafted a horrible body kit onto this poor little Honda. Supra headlights and taillights have been installed along with two oversized fart cans. The hood appears to be carbon fiber with the finish wearing away. The body kit has horrible fit and finish with large gaps where the panels meet.

The interior has been dressed up with white leather and vinyl  and with a MOMO steering wheel as the finishing touch.

Sorry for hurting your eyes kids, I just had to share.

Off-Road 1971 Ford Mustang: Gee That Looks Familiar

My buddy Bob found this *ahem* clearly modified 1971 Ford Mustang on eBay. I’m going to dump this into the, gee that looks familiar category.

Back in November of last year my buddy spotted a nearly identical car. I posted about it calling it a fail. Since that time my outlook on certain things has changed, and this is clearly a win.

Since November, it seems she has lost the bright orange paint, and looks to be sporting new exhaust tips. The seller does describe the modifications in the listing.

He says the only bad thing on the beast is a new headliner needs to be installed, which he has a new one for you. Oh, and the stereo has been removed. You’ll have to bring your headphones with you if you want to listen to Highway to Hell as you go tearin up the streets in this bad boy.

The starting bid is $10k, and apparently no one wants this fine piece of amazing.


Four Awesome Features All Federmobiles Should Have

This past weekend I ended up running an errand in my buddies 2010 Volkswagen GTI. The first thing I noticed was four buttons sitting in-front of the shifter. These four features are clearly things I need on future Federmobiles.

  • Oil Slick: Pretty self explanitory. Push it and the car will create and oil slick puddle so the bad guys will crash.
  • Missiles: Again, pretty self explanatory. Push to activate the heat-seeking missiles that will destroy that Toyota Corolla in front of you.
  • Ludicrous Speed: This one is an interesting feature. Push the button and you will instantly be well above legal speeds. Think of it as NOS, but from the future.
  • Eject: Well obviously this is for the ejector seat. You know that annoying kid you have to drive in the carpool? Yea, warn him if he doesn’t quiet down he’ll be taking a trip into the sky…

Yes, all of the above are awesome features in my buddies GTI. I love it. I can’t wait for the next Federmobile to have the above features.

Note: The above features are not real. The buttons have stickers on them. No children have ever been ejected from my buddies GTI.

The 2011 Chrysler 200: Chrysler Impresses When Press Car Breaks

As some of you learned late last night via my Twitter and Facebook stream, the armrest on the Chrysler 200 broke. Now before you get into the Imported From Detroit quips, I want to give some background on the situation.

A few weeks back I had the 2011 Dodge Avenger Heat in my driveway. It shares the same armrest design as the new 200. When operating normally, the armrest should slide back and forth. When it slides back it should lock into place with a click. When the 200 arrived on Monday the armrest slid freely with no click. Meaning the armrest never locked into place at any point.

This leads me to think that at some level the armrest was already broken to a degree. I believe me putting weight on the armrest last night was merely the straw that broke the 200’s back.

I received a call promptly this morning from my Chrysler rep after she learned of the situation. I actually offered to drive the car to a local dealership and have the armrest repaired.

Chrysler isn’t taking the situation lightly. It has asked me to stop driving the car and is sending someone up to take it back tomorrow. It is actually shipping it directly to Detroit, and having the 200 team look at it.

I am told this is the first time the 200 team has heard of anything like this happening. It is planning on doing a full investigation in an effort to determine what was the cause of the breakage.

Chrysler’s reaction is what impresses me. It seems to be very concerned as to why something like this would happen. Enough so that it would take the time to look at this specific press car in an attempt to determine what caused the break. Would every automaker do that if a part broke on a new press car? None the less an armrest? I’m not sure, but today Chrysler is, and that’s something to note.

Are You The Ugliest Jaguar S-Type Ever?

What you are looking at is the vision of Italian tuner Panzani Design for a Jaguar S-Type. My take? Kill it with fire! Seriously this has to be one of the ugliest S-Types on earth…

I’m not even going to bother discussing what’s all part of this kit. For more pictures of this rolling catastrophe head over to GTspirit.

The Search Is On – Looking For The Next Federmobile

As some of you know, I sold my Jeep. Funny thing is, when I put it up for sale no decision had been made on its replacement. Now that the dust has settled and my Jeep will be going to its new owners this weekend, it is time to get serious about what my next vehicle will be.

Over the past three weeks I have narrowed the choices down. Some were impractical, while some were going to just be money pits. In the end some clear winners have emerged – unfortunately they are all so different and I am having trouble deciding. Each choice has an upside and of course, like everything else, a downside. Lets get right to it. Read More…

SOLD – My 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee: Everyone Wants A Federmobile

On Sunday I posted that my 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee was for sale. Within ten minutes of posting this to Facebook my phone started ringing. Two different friends from out of state called inquiring about it. That is before the three people from Craigslist called. All this within two hours.

Everyone wants a Federmobile. The reason? It’s simple, I’m so ridiculously anal retentive about my vehicles. I fix crap that any normal person in their right mind wouldn’t even notice, none the less actually pay to fix.

So what happened? Well the short story is a friend from Michigan bought my Jeep. I am somewhat relieved to know it is going to a good home. I will be meeting them in Chicago sometime in the next few weeks to deliver the Jeep.

So what’s next for me? Frankly I have no clue. Karen (my fiancée) and I are in deep discussion about what will replace my vehicle. Over fifty percent of the vehicles I want just aren’t in the budget. Quite a few of the vehicles just aren’t approved by Karen due to the fact that she thinks I shouldn’t get a car (note actual car not SUV) that gets 13 mpg in the city. Of the vehicles that fit the budget, and I want, dear Karen feels about ninety percent of them are “ugly.” Girl thinks a vehicle like the WRX is ugly….

More to come on this topic as I try to figure out what will be the next Federmobile. Until then, if you see my Jeep wandering the streets of Michigan please do say hi for me. Or better yet, snap a picture and send it to me.

Up For Grabs – My 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I literally can’t believe the words I am typing. That’s right, my 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee is officially for sale. It is currently posted on Craigslist.

Anyone that knows me, knows how ridiculously anal I am about this thing. When it was purchased, I had new headlights installed, and immediately covered them in a clear shield. Along with the headlights, I also had a new windshield installed. At the time I didn’t own a carpet extractor, so I had the carpets professionally cleaned. Immediately Husky Liners were put in all four floor wells, and in the rear end. All four wheels were replaced with alloys from a Grand Cherokee Limited.

The oil has been changed every 4,000-5,000 miles with Mobile1 full synthetic. The exterior and interior has been detailed once to twice a year and the tires were rotated every 6,000 miles.

I have every receipt for everything done to this Jeep since I bought it with 68,000 miles. The tires are Michelin LTX M+S with more than 2/3 tread remaining. The rear differential was rebuilt at 150,000 miles. Both differentials, transfer case, transmission, and all other fluids were flushed every 30,000 miles, and I always used synthetic fluids. The brakes are slotted in the front with ceramic pads, while the rear rotors are slotted and drilled. All four shocks were replaced recently.

I also installed new HIDs for the low beams within the last few months. The HIDs are running off of a wiring harness connected to the battery. The high beams are Sylvania Silverstar Ultras.

It has an aftermarket cold air intake on it with a K&N filter. I cleaned and recharged the K&N filter yesterday.

The Jeep was just detailed (clayed and waxed) yesterday along with an oil change.

It currently has 172,xxx miles. It has maybe 3 door dings….literally the only thing it needs right now is two new hood struts.

You could say I am emotionally attached to this vehicle. There is no question that it is the best condition 1999 Grand Cherokee on the market, and possibly the best condition used Grand Cherokee of its generation. So spread the word.

Video: Take Apart And Rebuild A Jeep In Four Minutes

I know what you are thinking, you don’t think anyone could take apart, and rebuild a Jeep in four minutes. The below video proves otherwise. This is nothing but impressive, and also very cool.

[YouTube via Arthur Vogel, Willow Automotive]