Wedding And Operation Blackout: Feder Feder Unplugged Wrap-Up

To say the last two and a half weeks has been a whirlwind, would be an understatement. First things first, on Sunday August 28 at 4 pm I got married. Quite a few people were shocked she went through with it, but I’m a lucky guy.

I know many of you are wondering what we drove away from the ceremony in. While there was some discussions regarding the topic initially, it was quickly decided that we would drive away from the ceremony in Uncs 1990 Nissan 300ZX.

It’s interesting, many of my friends told me I would feel different once we were married. I always told them that nothing would change. Karen and I have been together for over five years, what would possibly change once we have rings on our fingers? My friends were right.

I’m not really sure how to explain it. When I woke up the day after our wedding, I felt different. My view on the world had changed, my priorities were in a new order. Totally weird, and of course my friends all said I told you so.

On Monday the 29th we took care of a few things and then headed up North for a week at the family cabin.

When I announced Operation Blackout: Feder Feder Unplugged, many were skeptical as to whether I could actually do it. Joel going an entire week without the Internet? I know it sounds completely crazy, but many felt it was necessary that I unplug. I’m happy to report that I not only went an entire week without touching the Internet, I also didn’t touch a Monster Lo-Carb. If anyone doesn’t believe me, Karen will confirm all of this.

Many asked me how I felt going a week without the Internet and Monster. Some said I would feel cleansed. While it was nice feeling no responsibility for a week, I felt lost. I had no clue what was going on in the world, no idea what was happening in the lives of my family and friends. I would reach for my phone sometimes to post a picture while fishing or sitting in the hammock, only to put it back down and go back to what I was doing. Nice? Sure, but not the pure and cleansed feeling that everyone claimed I would have.

Quite a few people have asked if we brought Otto along with us to the cabin, and the answer is yes. He loves it up there. When not napping on the couch, he found time to bark at seagulls and crows and tried to eat some acorns. He also loves to come on boat rides.

I will fully admit that it was truly nice to read books again. I haven’t had time to do this for quite a while. I read Bob Lutz’s book, Car Guys Vs. Bean Counters, and started reading another book that has been sitting on my shelf. Definitely going to try and make it a goal to read more often.

What else can I say? I married an amazing girl. We have the cutest (though I’m somewhat biased) dog, and our wedding was terrific. I’m so thankful for all the friends and family in our lives. Without them, the past two weeks wouldn’t have been the same.

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