Hey Minneapolis: Test Drive A CTS-V, Get $50 For Providing Feedback

Hey, what’re you doing this Saturday? How about driving a Cadillac CTS-V Coupe, Sedan, Sport wagon, or all of the above at no cost to you?

I have been alerted that Wally McCarthy’s Cadillac in Roseville is having an open house this Saturday from 10 am until 6 pm. There will be free food from the barbecue, a free car wash, and apparently much more (no promises on what exactly that much more will be). The dealership will also have a raffle for Twins tickets, gift certificates to local restaurants and other prizes. Of course, GM Preferred Pricing will be offered to anyone that comes in that day.

Cadillac would also like to give you a penny for your thoughts, well actually 5,000 pennies to be exact. Engineers from Cadillac will be on-site and providing $50 Amex cards to consumers who will sit down with them and provide honest feedback. You can sit and tell them why your BMW is so much better than a Cadillac (if that is how you feel, though I’m guessing at that point you haven’t driven a CTS-V variant), and they’ll still give you the $50. All they want is feedback. Though fair warning, I’m told there are a limited amount of gift cards.

Full Disclosure: Cadillac did not pay me to write about this event. It didn’t urge me write about this event. A friend at Cadillac merely gave me a heads up that this open house would be happening in my area and I figured, who wouldn’t want to drive a CTS-V and eat free food. From a guy who has driven a handful of CTS-V variants, if you really don’t have plans, go drive one of these cars. It’ll probably make your day.

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