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Review – 2011 Jeep Patriot Latitude 4X4: How You Enter The Jeep Family

Is the Jeep Patriot truly a Jeep? While the first-generation sported a 7-slot grille and a Trail Rated badge on some models, many Jeep lovers scoffed at the idea of a Jeep based on the Dodge Caliber. From the cheaper than Lego plastic interior, to the buzzy powertrain, the Patriot was everything you’d expect a Caliber-based Jeep to be – bad.

Being the Jeep guy that I am, I was actually quite delighted to have a new Jeep Patriot in my driveway for a week. How much better is the interior? Is the powertrain still buzzy? Does it deserve that Trail Rated badge? Lets find out. Read More…

Car Craft Summer Nationals Photo Gallery

Last weekend Car Craft Summer Nationals invaded the Minnesota State Fairgrounds for three days of gear head mayhem. Sadly, (depending on how you look at it) I was up North at my cabin. Luckily for us automotive photographer extraordinaire Alex Bellus sweat it out and walked the fairgrounds snapping some amazing photos.

The highly modified Corvette above is just one of the jaw dropping vehicles on display. Aside from the awesome exterior modifications, the engine bay houses sexy ITBs and carbon fiber velocity stacks. What I wouldn’t give to meet the owner of this vehicle and learn more about it.

A quick rundown of event features:

  • Editor’s Choice Awards
  • Over 4,000 cars on display
  • Miss Car Craft Summer Nationals Contest
  • Smokin’ burnout contest
  • Seminars and demonstrations in the Royal Purple DIY Garage
Alex’s full photo gallery is below for your viewing pleasure.

Spotted: The Honda Civic Del Sol That Desperately Wants To Be A Supra

I was over my fiancées office in New Brighton, Minnesota when I spotted this hideous Honda Del Sol.

Clearly wanting to desperately be a Supra, the owner has grafted a horrible body kit onto this poor little Honda. Supra headlights and taillights have been installed along with two oversized fart cans. The hood appears to be carbon fiber with the finish wearing away. The body kit has horrible fit and finish with large gaps where the panels meet.

The interior has been dressed up with white leather and vinyl  and with a MOMO steering wheel as the finishing touch.

Sorry for hurting your eyes kids, I just had to share.

Off-Road 1971 Ford Mustang: Gee That Looks Familiar

My buddy Bob found this *ahem* clearly modified 1971 Ford Mustang on eBay. I’m going to dump this into the, gee that looks familiar category.

Back in November of last year my buddy spotted a nearly identical car. I posted about it calling it a fail. Since that time my outlook on certain things has changed, and this is clearly a win.

Since November, it seems she has lost the bright orange paint, and looks to be sporting new exhaust tips. The seller does describe the modifications in the listing.

He says the only bad thing on the beast is a new headliner needs to be installed, which he has a new one for you. Oh, and the stereo has been removed. You’ll have to bring your headphones with you if you want to listen to Highway to Hell as you go tearin up the streets in this bad boy.

The starting bid is $10k, and apparently no one wants this fine piece of amazing.


Review – 2011 Dodge Avenger Heat: Is It Finally Competitive?

Do you remember the last generation Dodge Avenger? If you do, you probably want to forget it. If you don’t, well don’t worry – you aren’t missing anything special. For 2012, Dodge has a refreshed Avenger with a new powertrain and better materials. Is it finally competitive in the midsize segment? Read More…

MN C&C – July 2011

It’s hard to believe, but this past weekend was the 4th of July. Where has the time gone? This weekend also was cars and coffee, a time for anyone who likes cars to share their passion.

The weather was truly gorgeous this month, with temps in the high 80s, and not a cloud in the sky, we couldn’t have asked for better weather.

Read More…