Introducing Accelerate Mpls 2.0 – Buffed, Polished, Ready To Go

Wow it’s been a long road. In August this site will be 2 years young. Feels like a decade, but who’s counting. Now it’s time for an upgrade.

The goal was for the site to have a cleaner look. I feel that’s accomplished. The gorgeous graphic that resides at top is the work of Mirko Reinhardt. He has some serious talent. Mirko is also credited with the favicon which features a 300ZX.

An important function I wanted  in this upgrade was some sort of featured section, giving me the ability to highlight certain posts. That is of course being taken care of by the featured slider at the top.

On the right there’s a new search function, and below that you have the ability to view the most popular posts, the latest posts, recent comments, and tags.

If you don’t follow me on Twitter (wait, what? Why aren’t you following me? Can’t we be friends?) you can view my latest tweets on the right sidebar. The latest photos from my Flickr account will be below that. Last, but not least, we have the archives with old posts and the blog roll.

If you notice any bugs, things that just don’t look right, or just have a comment, please feel free to let me know.

Note – I’m told by some if you don’t dump your cookies you might see the old version of the site. Insert bit about tossing your cookies here…

Second Note – I’ve been informed that the super awesome favicon is only working in Firefox. For you Chrome and Safari users….I’m looking into it. Sorry.

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