2011 New York Auto Show: Hyundai Veloster Video Walkthrough

At the New York Auto Show I had the opportunity to speak with Hyundai’s Product Planner Mike O’Brien about the new Veloster. Mike provided some insight into the thought behind this car. Below is the video with all the answers.

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  1. Then you agree Subaru copy Hyundai who copy Lexus who copy Mercedes.So your point that Hyundai did no design work was wrong and that was my point to you and not a atatck on you in any way other then to correct you on wrong information you put out there. As for atatcking you personally, if you take it that way then I don’t know what to tell you but Do not get bent out of shape because I corrected you and now we both agree Hyundai did not copy Subaru. Hyundai deserves all the accolades for the great designs that it has brought out on the market in the last few years and you atatcking Hyundai over a dashboard design is what is really stupid and tasteless. Also I can accept any ones opinions as well but when the opinion is very nonfactual then to correct that Opinion is not me not being able to accept anther persons Opinions but stating how wrong that opinion is in all ways. I accept you believed that but you were wrong and it is not a atatck to point out when your wrong.

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