Video: Racing “Big Bertha” Around Dirt Track In Dodge City

Hey remember that time on the Fireball Run when I went with Kevin in his Ford Excursion racing around the dirt track in Dodge City, KS? No!? Well it happened. Since then Kevin has been bored at home with no missions and no passage control to get to by a certain time. So he made a little video.

Using pictures taken by Nelson on the sideline, video taken by me in the Excursion, and video taken by others outside of the track we now have this video to remember the time Kevin almost put me into the wall.

Key highlights in the video include:

  • This is trouble brewing (see the knew before we even hit the track!)
  • Kevin almost crashing us (my side of the truck) into the wall
  • Mis-Directed by too much testosterone
  • Me as in car director (didn’t know I had the title, but I’ll roll with it)

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