The Stig Visits Imola Motorsports

Some kids grow up thinking Superman and Batman are the superheroes. Kids that are obsessed with automotive industry consider characters like the Stig from Top Gear as the new age super hero. Oh heck, I even consider him a super hero, kind of.

While the Stig normally resides in Europe, recently we learned the new Top Gear USA will indeed have a Stig. On Wednesday a Stig dropped by Imola Motorsports here in Minneapolis to schedule an oil change. Yes, he dropped by to schedule an oil change. You know, because if he changed his own oil he might get that pretty white track suite dirty.

We can naturally assume this is not the Stig, it still reeks of awesome. So on this frosty Friday morning the question needs to be asked, where have you seen the Stig lately? Oh and good citizens of Minneapolis, keep your eyes peeled for this white suited fella.

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