Fireball Run – Hot Laps on Dirt Track in the Ford Excursion

Yesterday morning we were at the dirt track in Dodge City, KS to race school buses (yes you read that correctly). Anyways, Kevin wanted to take his beast known as Big Bertha onto the dirt track and do a few hot laps. I instantly asked if I could tag along. I shot video of the experience for your enjoyment. Few things, it looks like we are going a lot slower then we are. We are going about 60 mph. Also, the camera was all over the place because I was all over the place. Lastly, on lap two the tail swung out and we came very close to the wall. That was interesting.

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  1. Video: Racing “Big Bertha” Around Dirt Track In Dodge City - Accelerate Mpls - 11/10/2010

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