Another Unique Audi S5 Hit’s the States: Guard Your Children

Hey remember Jack Baruth’s Porsche lime green Audi S5?  No?!  Here’s a reminder.  Well that was a unique whip and he sold it *insert sad face here*.  Regardless Nick Salvatore from SpeedSportLife just purchased this Audi S5 in Glut Orange.  This vehicle was part of the Audi Exclusive program, the same program that Jack’s car was ordered through.  This car is Glut Orange with a black interior.  The car is located in Texas (quick someone alert the troopers).  Nick already has plenty of upgrades both on the way and some arrived before the car even arrived.  The bottom line?  There are two very bright citrus colored Audi S5’s in this country.

pPhotography- Zerin Dube

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  1. I wish my 1-series was more… orange. This looks great, maybe even better than Ford Electric Orange.

    09/06/2010 at 7:35 am Reply

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