Video – Porsche 911 Sport Classic: The Ducktail I Want

Remember when you were a kid and your parents told you money doesn’t buy happiness?  They lied!  They didn’t mean to lie but they did.  You see Porsche is building a mere 250 911 Sport Classic’s priced at an eye watering $255,600!  You see this car is a emotional purchase not a reasonably thought out purchase.  You can buy a lot of car for that kind of cash but this, this is the Sport Classic.  An extra 23 horsepower over a stock 911 and that amazing duck tail spoiler.  They also throw in carbon ceramic brakes but that color….that color with the two tone racing stripes just finishes it off with the black wheels and the duck tail.  Watch the video and listen to that exhaust note and the engine wind up.  Just heavenly.  Yes folks money may not actually buy happiness but it can buy things that make you happy and isn’t that darn close?

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