Video – Off Roading in the 2010 Ford F150 Raptor 6.2

At the MAMA spring rally I had the opportunity to take the new Ford F150 Raptor with the new 6.2 liter V8 off roading.  This was not the ridiculously awesome off roading this beast was made for.  We were not flying over sand dunes or even flying through the mud.  We were going slowly over muddy trails, up and down steep grades, and through the woods to grandmothers house we pretended.  Needless to say other then scraping a running board on a rock (sorry Ford) the new Raptor 6.2 handled everything as if it was child’s play.

Notes about the video – This was my first time through the course so I was unfamiliar with it.  I let the guides tell me when and where to throw it into first gear and also when to lock the rear differential.  The guides in the green shirts on the trail were representatives from Land Rover.  They set up the course at Road America Raceway.  Last but not least, the man to my right taking the video was Thomas Bey.  The man in the back of the truck you sometimes hear talking was a Ford Raptor representative.

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