Imola Motorsports Annual Celebration 2010

Imola Motorsports had their annual celebration this past weekend, directly after Cars and Café.  This event could be celebrating many things: summer finally being here (even though it rained), the company being open a little over a year, or just plain spreading the word about one of the hottest new European shops in the Twin Cities.

You can take your pick what you wanted to celebrate, but it was fun no matter what reason you were you there.  Anyone that attended Cars and Café was handed a card informing them about the Imola event directly after.  Imola is one of the sponsors of the monthly gathering.

Kevin and the team really did go all out.  With food to feed over 700 people and live music on hand, it was truly a celebration.  Imola had t-shirts, fitted hats, and even shop shirts all available for purchase.  These were not some cheap branded stuff either – we are talking quality shirts and great hats, all with tasteful logos to represent Imola.

The whole place looked great!  Kevin and the team went all out sweating even the littlest of details.  The watermelon had the Imola logo, the hamburgers and shredded meat tasted great, and anything you wanted to drink (non-alocholic of course – we were driving) was on hand.  Everyone I talked to seemed to be having a great time.  Some people were already Imola customers and some had never heard of Imola.  Either way, I believe quite a few new customers will be headed Kevin’s way the next time they need repairs.

One of the cooler things the event had going was a tint special.  Imola teamed up with Tint Pros to offer a $139.99 tint special. The special was only good if you signed up at the event though.  I personally know four people that signed up for their cars to get tinted, and they came to the event specifically for that reason.  They were already Imola customers too.  I at one point overheard Tint Pros booking customers into late July, so I can only assume this promotional offer was a success.  The cool thing about Tint Pros is that they are mobile.  This means they come to you – though if you do not have a spot for a clean installation, they can provide one.

Of course, there were customer cars on hand, and the people that came from Cars and Café had cars on display too.  Walking around the lot was a fun experience, and talking cars and shop added to the celebration.  The rain did not seem to hinder attendance either, nor did it dampen anyones enthusiasm. I would call the whole event a success.  If you own a European car and have not yet checked out Imola Motorsports, I would highly recommend doing so.

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  1. Jordan Burger #

    I love IMOLA. I was there for the 2011 June Cars N Cafe celebration. I loved it and i want to go to the July one!

    06/16/2011 at 12:32 am Reply


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