Want Your Cell Phone To Sound Like The Lexus LFA?

Everyone has a cell phone and each has a ringtone.  The question is what is your ringtone?  If you are into cars Lexus wants to offer you a few select ringtones for free.  These are not just any ringtones rather they are sounds from the LFA engine.

You can choose from-

  • LFA Accelerating
  • LFA Downshifting
  • LFA Engine Starting
  • LFA Full Flight

Regardless of how you feel about the LFA it is worth the free download to listen and decide for yourself what you think.  They are providing both .mp4 for iPhones and .mp3 for all other phones.  Quite nice of them.  I just doubled clicked on the .mp4’s once onto my computer and they instantly showed up in iTunes under the Ringtones tab.  Upon syncing to my iPhone3Gs I had and instant LFA soundtrack for my ringtone should I choose to keep it.

Head over here and click on digital premium.

Source- Lexus

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