New Nissan NV2500 Spied on the Road

Nissan has already announced the upcoming NV1500 and NV2500 work vans but they have not yet gone on sale.  Further these are the first shots of one on the road being used.  It seems they are testing them before they go on sale.  Speaking of going on sale they should be on sale before the end of the year but no exact time frame or pricing has been given yet.  Notice the Nissan badge is covered up on this tester vehicle.  With the Sprinter pulled from Dodge showrooms by Mercedes and the new Ford Transit Connect on sale this is a good time to Nissan to try and jump into the market.  Whether they will actually be accepted into the market in large numbers is a whole new question.

Quick recap on the NV1500 and NV2500.  They are work vans that will come with either a V6 or V8 along with a raised roof option on the 2500.  A standard five speed automatic transmission will be the only transmission choice.  Based on the slow selling Titan full size pickup, this should help the excess capacity at the Titan plant.

Source- Allpar

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