TT No Go Home – Parking Fail

Leaving work this week I spotted a very large parking fail.  Essentially the Audi TT is for lack of better words, screwed.  The Pontiac Grand Prix and Dodge Stratus boxed him in really good.  The Grand Prix is actually touching the rear bumper while the Stratus at least is not touching though is very close.  Talk about a huge parking fail.  I would be irate if I owned this TT.  I have yet to figure out how some people can be so bad at parking.

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One Response to “TT No Go Home – Parking Fail”

  1. Jason #

    Wow, that’s incredible. This is exactly why, when I used to parallel park on my college campus, I had a trailer hitch on my truck. I’d push that Grand Prix up the curb – ain’t nobody going to stop me from leaving!

    05/21/2010 at 12:26 pm Reply

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