Journalists Son Crashes $180k Porsche Press Car

Peter Cheney just lived every auto journalists and auto bloggers worst nightmare, a press car crash.  Only this was not just any crash.  This happened to be a $180k Porsche 911 Turbo.  His son accidentally launched the car through the garage door when showing the car to his friend in the garage.  Not knowing how to operate a manual transmission car he pushed the clutch to start the car.  At this point he let off the clutch and the car launched through the garage door building a large amount of force in a mere four feet.  The son apparently turned on the car to show his friend the infotainment system.  Mr. Bye the Porsche rep apparently quietly surveyed the scene and then told the son, “Stuff happens,” he said. “We’re glad you’re okay. This is only a car. You don’t need a lecture. You already know.”  Pretty impressive stuff.  He is right, it is only a car, a mere $180k car.  That said, Mr. Bye is correct, the most important thing is the son is fine and no one was hurt except the car and the garage door.

Source- Globe Drive

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