Open Line Show with Miss MotorMouth: All Your Mondays Belong to Us

Once again it is Monday and that means the one and only semi famous Michelle Naranjo, aka Miss Motor Mouth, as she hosts her new show “Open Line.”  Everyone from automotive celebrities such as Jack Baruth to the “wishing they were famous but only really in their heads” Craig Cole made appearances last week at some point.  These are just some of the personalities that crawl out and join the chat but I assure you many more call in.

“Open Line” is our new free-for-all chat show where anyone can call in and be part of the show. What’s the agenda? It’s up to the audience. They can call in to our open phone line, jump in the chat or just listen to the webcast. We don’t record the show, so you have to be there Live to be part of the fun.
Some topics that may come up tonight-

  • Fleet sales: How much can the OEMs continue to lose?
  • Buying/selling on the internet: What happens to dealers? Will they ever go away or do we really want them to disappear?
  • Best/worst car campaigns ever made
  • CAFE: does ANYONE have anything positive to say about it?
  • Hyundai pick up truck: Like a Rice Rocket?
  • GM profits. Profits?
  • SAAB 92 vs MINI
  • Daimler off the the stock exchange: “Ve vill not play by yur rulez!”
  • UAW Bob King Autoworkers must be rewarded- Ford strike this year is possible?
  • Whitacre ads are really working?
  • BMW- pre-ordering cars in the future

Live Video streaming by Ustream

This is “Open Line”, our weekly chat session where you make the rules! Join us every Monday at 8PM ET / 5PM PT and call the Phone number and PIN displayed on the screen. You can Skype in too! Just follow the instructions below the chat box.

When calling in, please be sure to mute your computer audio so we don’t get an echo.

This Week’s Info:
Phone – 1-218-936-6581
PIN – 25058

This chat is unmoderated. Please keep it clean so it can stay that way!
[Pop-Out Chat Window]

Skype Instructions: call in to the show, toll-free!

1. Download Skype here.

2. Add “CalliflowerSkype” to your contacts.

3. Call CalliflowerSkype and when prompted, enter the PIN for tonight’s show followed by the # sign using your keyboard. Or, use the on-screen keypad provided by Skype.

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