Chevrolet Leaks the 2011 Camaro Convertible onto Facebook

What do you do when you have a car that won’t be launching for almost a year? “Leak” your own photos, of course.  Chevrolet did just that this afternoon, posting two photos of the upcoming 2011 Camaro convertible onto their Facebook fan page.  They asked the question, “Anything about this Camaro look different to you?”  Why yes Chevrolet, that looks like a convertible – not a coupe.

Things we can note from this is the rear bumper has the little sensors for a back up sensing system, which will be available on the 2011 Camaros.  We can also see how the rear end has been designed (from a straight on viewpoint).  The vehicle pictured is obviously the V-6 model, due to the missing fake hood intake.  One of the things we already know about the convertible is that it will feature a cloth top rather then a hard top.  I am fairly confident that this is the exact Camaro convertible I saw when touring the various GM design centers during the GM Tech Event last August.  Until we get more pics, enjoy what Chevrolet has provided us.

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