Innovative Ford Fiesta Movement Campaign Stirs Interest

The Ford Fiesta is finally coming stateside this summer and Ford really wants you to know about. Ford has recently been doing a terrific job utilizing social media and engaging consumers at the auto shows.  When they decided to build buzz around the upcoming Fiesta, they needed a plan of attack.  Being very creative they decided to start a movement.  That is the Fiesta Movement.

In the spring of 2009 Ford chose 100 “Fiesta Agents” to be part of the Fiesta Movement.  Each agent received a European spec Fiesta five-door hatchback for six months. Their lives were connected to the demographic Ford wanted to target for the Fiesta through the internet in video, social sites, forums, and personal sites.  They all were talented and were picked for their enthusiastic participation in new media. The agents performed tasks, which were dubbed missions and the point was to capture the experiences and share them with the public.  The goal was to have people get involved and following these agents as they performed the missions.  Something’s went viral and were quite hilarious.

The first Fiesta Movement ended last year and in December 2009 Ford announced there would be a Fiesta Movement 2.  This was to ensure the buzz kept building around the Fiesta as the summertime launch drew near.  This time teams of two were to submit a plan or an idea of what they could do to help build the buzz.  All submissions were due by the end of January 2010 with 20 teams being picked soon their after.  The new movement dubbed Fiesta Movement 2 began just a little while ago.  These teams were also given Fiestas and this time they are competing during their missions.  People can vote online for which team is doing the best job and the grand prize for the winning team is a U.S. spec Fiesta.  Cash and other prizes are being handed out along the way.

Being in social media professionally I find Ford’s creative marketing inspiring.  The idea of handing out Fiestas and having artistic people market your product is ingenious and downright awesome.  According to Ford, the Fiesta currently has over  9,500 reservations!  I personally applaud Ford for their commitment to innovative marketing.

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  1. It’s really built hype…I just wish the car was available now!

    03/29/2010 at 1:46 pm Reply


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