*UPDATED* Name That Car: Sebring or 200C?

UPDATED- The above sketch was recently added to Allpar and might give a better idea of what the Sebring 200C will look like. – Credit Jack Ratchett

It is no secret that the Chrysler Sebring and its platform mate, the Dodge Avenger, are colossal failures in nearly every sense. They were clumsy in their execution and, as a result, didn’t sell and became the dismal trailings of rental fleets. Sergio Marchionne informed us way back in 2009 (which seems eons ago almost) that the replacements were on the way and they would be much better.  Well, let’s be real! They have nowhere to go but up.  These sketches were done by Jack Ratchett and is supposedly a “dead ringer” for the upcoming 200C, which is set to start production November 18 and replace the Sebring.  Word on the street is that the Avenger refresh will be much less drastic; merely a sleeker front end and a barely touched rear-end.  The interior of both cars is supposed to be a huge improvement.  One person heard that the interior of the upcoming Sebring replacement will be aimed at Lexus but not Toyota, which is particularly interesting because we have heard similar statements about the interior in the upcoming 300C refresh.

The engine line up will consist of the new Pentastar V6 launching soon in the new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee and a four cylinder.  The Pentastar V6 is capable of 280 hp and 260 ft-lb.  It is unclear if a six speed automatic transmission will be used or a borrowed Fiat six speed dual clutch unit.  The four cylinder will be the volume engine, which will be either a retuned version of the World Engine or, possibly a Fiat sourced engine, though this too is unclear at this point but the former is more likely.

We should get to see the Sebring replacement (200C?) in the fall so we will have to sit tight for the next six months and hopefully some spy shots will leak out.

Source- Allpar

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4 Responses to “*UPDATED* Name That Car: Sebring or 200C?”

  1. Doesn’t look like enough of a change to me. Plus this whole idea of adding a better interior suddenly makes a car on par with a luxury brand is foolish. So many have tried that strategy and failed. The reason is that the brand matters. Buying a luxury car isn’t about nice leather and better plastic, sure it’s part of it but it’s a very minor part. The bigger thing is what does it say about the person driving it.

    Having been in luxury focus group research I know that un-badged versions of non-luxury cars test well against luxury cars, until the badging is revealed and guess what happens. Things like yeah it’s a nice car but I’d never buy a X. The reason is because luxury buyers what some status and sorry but Chrysler is anything but a status brand. What they could do is maybe create a luxury brand using the old Imperial brand, but that is a major investment for a company trying to do everything on the cheap to survive.

    Anyway I do wish them luck. Not hater, just a realist.

    03/26/2010 at 1:08 pm Reply
  2. antonio311 #

    Just like the Rams interior is best in class & a major upgrade. The sebrings interior will also be outstanding. Look forward to basically a brand new car, not an upgrade! The new sebring / avenger is going to be a very competitive vehicle!

    03/26/2010 at 3:35 pm Reply


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