The Batmobile – One Man’s Dream

At one point or another we all wanted to be Batman.  Not only that, we wanted to drive the batmobile.  One of my college friends has just such a dream.  Not because he wants to drive the batmobile (well sure don’t we all), but because he wants to use it to bring good to people.  My friend has this idea of building the original batmobile.

I know this sounds like a crazy pipe dream but let me tell you about this guy.  His name is Alexander Grgurich.  In college we joked we would own a Maybach (shhh I know I would never want to own one).  He is a leader and entrepreneur in the Des Moines, IA area.  In college he started a very successful party bus company.  Taking it from one old school bus into a company with a fleet of seven party buses during his sophomore year and just recently he sold it.  He then ran for office and was elected to the Norwalk City Council while cramming for finals in his senior year.  Alex currently sits as the director of Foundry Coworking which is a shared office space facility.  Alex dreamed of this and made the Foundry Coworking a reality.  He raised the capital and made it all happen.  All this at the young age of 23.

Alex approached me and told me his dream.  I could already see the wheels were set in motion.  Being like everyone else, I thought instantly what an awesome idea building the original batmobile would be.  Alex’s dream is to build the batmobile and it would be used to bring joy to kids, area charities, parades and really anything else where crime fighting is needed.  Of course Batman and Robin sold separately.

Now here comes the plug, Alex has done all the leg work.  He just needs the funds. Alex reached out to the original prop builder in Tampa who took custom molds off the original batmobile.  Alex will go down to Tampa and bring the custom fabricated parts back to Des Moines, Iowa.  A team of fabricators has already been assembled to finish the job once the parts are back in Des Moines.  Alex set a goal and if the money is not raised by April 21 at 12:59 am no money donated will exchange hands.  Not only that, but the dream and good intentions will never see fruition.  I say lets make this a reality.  If everyone donates just five dollars, a mere five dollars this could happen.  Spread the word.  Think about it, some you probably spend almost that much at a coffee shop multiple times a week.  Skip a coffee or even more and donate today.  Think of what this could do for charity events and other events.  Creativity deserves to be embraced and this is no different.  Alex is a true entrepreneur and I am glad to call him my friend.

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