Volvo’s City Safety

volvo-logoVolvo as of late has been on a bender.  Releasing new models and new technology as fast as a small Swedish company can.  Today we are not focusing on the cars rather a new piece of technology that only science can explain.  Many people seem to have a texting/emailing/not paying attention while driving problem.  This is an especially big issue here in the U.S..

Volvo has launched a new safety technology dubbed City Safety.  The new system comes standard on all XC60’s (Volvo’s new midsize SUV).

City Safety essentially attempts to stop the vehicle in the event of an imminent crash.  The system uses an optical radar located behind the rear view mirror mounting.  This optical radar projects forward at a rate of fifty times per second!  If the radar detects another vehicle and the crash is imminent, it will at the last possible second slam on the brakes.  The system only works when traveling between 2-18 mph.  I recently tested this system (see video below) and it worked flawlessly.  I was a little nervous as it had been raining and it was a tad bit chilly.  This made for a somewhat wet and possibly slick surface on the road, but the system worked.  The radar needs to be clean and the viewing path clear of debris.  The wipers actually cover the area when on, keeping the rain from covering it. The system is meant to lessen the amount of accidents in city driving when in heavy traffic. My only question is, what happens when the person behind you is not paying attention when your XC60 suddenly slams the brakes at the last possible second?

Full Disclosure-  The vehicle used in the video was provided by the local Volvo dealership.

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