2011 Ford Mustang V6- 305 HP & 30 MPG!

2011 Ford Mustang V-6

2011 Ford Mustang V-6

305 hp and 30 mpg!  Get used to seeing those two numbers together because I am sure a huge marketing blitz is about to start soon.  Those are the expected numbers to be coming from the new for 2011 Mustang V6.  The all new 3.7 liter engine is an all aluminum dual-overhead-cam (DOHC) 24 valve V6 engine that utilizes Ford’s twin independent variable camshaft timing (Ti-VCT).  The new engine is not the only news on the 2011 Mustang.  Both the automatic and manual transmissions will be six speeds attached to a now standard, limited slip differential with revised suspension.  No I did not say independent suspension, merely revised.  Other notable new features are standard integrated spotter mirrors, message center, MyKey programmable vehicle key, and universal garage door opener.

New 3.7 liter all aluminum V6

New 3.7 liter all aluminum V6

The new 3.7 liter V6 sends 305 hp and 280 ft-lb to the rear wheels.  With a 7000 rpm redline and a new dual exhaust system attached to the cold air induction system, this V6 Mustang is unlike anything before.  The Ti-VCT allows variable control of the valve operations throughout the rev range.  With the new die-cast aluminum “deep-sump” oil pan, Ford believes a 10,000 mile oil change interval will be fine.  This will lead to cost savings for the owner.

The suspension has upgrades to both the rear lower control arms and a new, stiffer stabilizer bar bushing.  The combination of these two upgrades improve stiffness and cornering response.

Both transmissions options are new with six speeds.  The manual transmission features short throws and a high sixth gear for highway cruising and better fuel economy.  The six speed automatic features grade-assist, also known as “hill mode,” this is said to improve drivability in hilly areas.

Taken from Ford’s press information-

Fuel economy improvements

Extra horsepower and refined engine operation will be the most noticeable features to new 2011 Mustang 3.7-liter V-6 buyers while projected class-leading fuel economy, also a standard feature, offers an additional bonus. The numbers speak for themselves:

  • 19 mpg city/30 highway with six-speed automatic transmission, up from 16 mpg city/
    24 highway on the 2010 model with automatic – a 25 percent improvement over 2010
  • 18 mpg city/29 highway with six-speed manual transmission, up from 18 mpg city/26 highway on the 2010 model with manual

Refinements throughout Mustang’s body, powertrain and chassis design contribute to the improved fuel economy numbers. Examples include:

  • The new Electric Power Assist Steering (EPAS) system which eliminates the drag of an engine-operated hydraulic power steering pump
  • Six-speed transmissions that allow lower cruising revs without sacrificing off-the-line performance
  • Aerodynamic improvements such as a new front fascia, tire spats on the rear wheels, modified underbody shields, a taller air dam and an added rear decklid seal

Occupants also benefit from new door seals and a rear wheel arch liner that reduce road noise for a quieter, more enjoyable drive, all with minimal weight gain compared to the 2010 model.

Enthusiasts who want a premium performance-oriented Mustang V-6 can opt for the new Performance Package, which will be available August 2010. Designed for driving enthusiasts, the Mustang V-6 Performance Package comprises:

  • A 3.31 rear axle ratio for quicker off-the-line acceleration
  • Firmer Mustang GT suspension
  • 19-inch wheels
  • Summer performance tires for improved grip
  • A strut tower brace for increased chassis rigidity
  • Unique electronic stability control calibration with sport mode for performance driving
2011 Ford Mustang V6 Dual Exhaust

2011 Ford Mustang V6 Dual Exhaust

2011 Ford Mustang V6 Instrument Cluster

2011 Ford Mustang V6 Instrument Cluster

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