Review- 2009 Audi Q7 TDI

2009 Q7 TDI

2009 Q7 TDI

American’s have a stigma about diesels and it stems from the old school diesels from the eighties.  When you think diesel you think a big loud truck with black smoke billowing out of the tailpipe killing the planet one mile at a time.  The diesel in this vehicle is completely different, more on that later.

V6 3.0 TDI

V6 3.0 TDI

The diesel in this Q7 is 3.0 TDI pumps out 225 HP, and 406 Lb-Ft to all four wheels through Audi’s legendary Quattro all wheel drive system.  With no low range transfer case this vehicle is not made to go off road.  The Q7 has three rows of seats and children will be more then content in the third row.  This would make a great family hauler all while having the ability to tow a large boat.  The Q7 eats up the miles on the highway effortlessly.  The turbo diesel is rated at 17/25 which on a 7000 lb vehicle is quite a feat.  I saw an average of 24mpg on a mixed city and highway driving route.  There are reports of over 30 mpg on the highway so I feel the 17/25 ratings are more then realistic.

The Q7 I tested had quite a few nice options including, S line package, warm weather package, panoramic roof, along with others.  The S line package gave the Q7 the great looking 20 inch wheels that really fill the wheel wells.  The panoramic roof was a really neat option, giving the passengers a great view of the sky and even cooler on a gorgeous evening with a star light sky. This vehicle was optioned quite nicely.

Clean diesel is not widely known yet. This truly must change, clean diesel is quite amazing.  The benefits of diesel is better gas milage and vast amounts of torque among others.  Why do american’s have a bad taste in their mouths about diesels?  Well as mentioned earlier diesels are associated with being loud and dirty.  Not exactly what people want to be associated with these days.  Both of those stigmas are addressed and fixed with new clean diesels.  There is good reason for all the fuss about new clean diesels. Clean diesels are “clean” because of the low sulfur diesel along with other engine technologies that dramatically reduce emissions of diesel engines.  Bottom line, by reducing emissions and increasing fuel economy new clean diesels save the earth, save you money, and the best part is they are still fun to drive.

As I have said before Audi sets the standard when it comes to interiors and this Q7 TDI is no different. With great fit and finish, soft touch materials, everything just felt right.  The iPod/iPhone integration with MMI is great providing the ability to control everything from the car the device can be tucked away.  The warm weather package gave us four zone climate control so the rear seat occupants can choose what temperature they want their section of the vehicle to be.

This review is based on the Q7 2009. It should be noted the 2010 Q7 has some slight changes and they are already rolling into dealerships.  The 2010 Q7 has new LED tail lights, LED’s in the front headlights as day time running lights other new Audi’s, the new third generation MMI system, updated interior ambient lighting, and other small tweaks.  The TDI engine is the same for 2010.  The Q7 TDI starts with a base price of $50,900 before destination.  The Q7 I tested had a sticker price a slightly north of $62,000 with some nice option packages.  The Q7 is a great vehicle and the turbo diesel engine makes it even better.  My opinion, skip the V8/V6 engines and get the TDI engine which is definitely the best engine option.  Bottom line, the diesel engine has entered the twentieth century.

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