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We all know GM filed for bankruptcy.  GM is aware they have a problem and it seems they are trying to fix things.  They have a poor reputation tarnished by years of poor products.  They are looking to change that perception as they have changed their products.  Now that they have changed their products to actually be competitive, and they need people to realize it.  Seems traditional marketing/press is not doing a good enough job and GM is looking to have a little help in the social media arena.  They have made huge strides in making a presence on Twitter and Facebook.  They are now holding a event and inviting influential people with a automotive presence on social media to the event.  I was fortunate enough to get a invitation to the event This is the exciting news happening soon.  I will most definitely share what happens and impressions.  See below for the invitation.  I removed some of the details for obvious reasons.

INVITATION: GM Product Technology Event – August 10, 2009


Based on recent postings, we know you have an interest in General Motors and appreciate your

candid comments about the company’s situation.

We realize we have a challenge ahead of us to rebuild consumer confidence in our company and our vehicles.  Let me assure you that our new CEO, Fritz Henderson, has put a priority on Customers, Cars and Culture to reinvigorate General Motors.

One opportunity to meet that challenge head-on is to invite people just like you to Detroit, to interact with the new GM management team, get a glimpse of future car designs, and have the opportunity to drive our current vehicle lineup.

This is an invitation to you and a guest to join us as our guests in Southeast Michigan for a one-day program August 10.    Due to the driving portion of the program, both you and your guest must be at least 21 years of age and licensed drivers.

We hope you will take advantage of the opportunity to see and drive our latest vehicles, ask questions and provide your thoughts and suggestions.

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